Letter O with Accent - Alt Codes

In the table below are the Alt Codes for letter o with accent marks ( capital and lowercase letter ). The Alt Codes for uppercase letter "O" with accent are consecutive numbers from 0210 to 0214 and the Alt Codes for lowercase letter "o" with accent are consecutive numbers from 0242 to 0246.

If you want to see Alt Codes for accented letters used in different languages visit the article Accent Alt Codes by Language.

Letter O with Accent Alt CodeDescription
Ò0210capital letter O with grave accent
ò0242lowercase letter o with grave accent
Ó0211capital letter O with acute accent
ó0243lowercase letter o with acute accent
Ô0212capital letter O with circumflex accent
ô0244lowercase letter o with circumflex accent
Õ0213capital letter O with tilde accent (trema)
õ0245lowercase letter o with tilde accent (trema)
Ö0214capital letter O with umlaut accent (trema)
ö0246lowercase letter o with umlaut accent (trema)

The letter O can have another form with a slash but isn't considered an accented letter.
- slashed capital letter Ø  => Alt Code is 0216
- slashed lowercase letter ø => Alt Code is 0248

If you don't know how to use the Alt Codes you can Copy & Paste the letter you want into your document or you can learn What are Alt Codes

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