Math Symbols Alt Codes

Below you can find the Alt Codes for math symbols like basic operators (equal, plus, minus, multiplication, division symbol ), percentage, fractions, inequality (less than, greater than, less than or equal, greater than or equal ), square root and power of n, integral sign and other important math symbols.

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Basic Operators Alt Codes :

Math OperatorAlt CodeDescription
+43plus sign
-45minus sign
± 241 plus minus sign
×0215multiplication sign
÷0247division sign
=61equal sign

Percentage symbol Alt Code :

Percentage symbolAlt CodeDescription
%37percent sign
0137permille percent sign / per thousand sign

Fractions Alt Code :

Fraction SymbolAlt CodeDescription
.46single angle mark opening quote
/47fraction separator
¾0190three quarters

Brackets Alt Codes :

Bracket Alt CodeDescription
(40open round bracket
)41close round bracket
[91open square bracket
]93close square bracket
{123open brace, curly bracket
}125close brace, curly bracket

Inequality Alt Codes :

Inequality symbol Alt CodeDescription
< 60less than
>62greater than
242greater than or equal
243less than or equal

Exponents and Square Root Alt Codes :

SymbolAlt CodeDescription
251square root symbol
252to the power n
¹0185to the power 1
²0178to the power 2 / to the second power / squared
³0179to the power 3 / to the third power / cubed

Other Mathematics symbols Alt Codes :

Mathematics SymbolAlt CodeDescription
π227pi symbol
µ230Greek letter mu
236Read the entire article about the infinity symbol here
240equivalent to, identical
244curl up integral sign
245curl down integral sign
247approximately equal, similar
°248More Alt Codes for the degree symbol here

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  1. What about the dot, or bullet, that means multiply?


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