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Here you will find the complete Alt Codes List for special symbols ( ♋ ♀ ♫ ) characters and letters ( à $ β ) that you may ever need. The Alt codes are divided by categories so that you can easily find what are you looking for.

You can learn more about Alt Codes from this article What are Alt Codes 

1. Alt Codes for Numbers ( 0-9 )

2. Alt Codes for Letters ( Uppercase and Lowercase letters )

3. Accent Alt Codes by Language ( Letters with accent used in French, Finnish, German, Italian, Romanian, Spanish, Greek )

4. Alt Codes for Accented Letters ( accented A, E, I, O, U, C, N, Y, S, Z )

5. Alt Codes for Symbols ( Arrows, Bullets, Punctuation Marks, Mathematics, Music Notes, Gender Signs, Zodiac Signs, Copyright Sign, Registered Trademark, 'tm' trademark, Heart, Star, check mark )
6. Currency Symbols Alt Codes ( Euro, Dollar, Pound, Yen, Peseta, Guilder, Cent, Generic Currency Symbol )

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